About This Site

UCI Mesa Court Housing Event Calendar is an extensive listing of events happening in our Mesa community. New events are published here as soon as they are added. We hope this helps you know about all the fantastic things going on for Mesa Court residents!

About RSS and iCal Feeds

This event calendar produces feeds in two formats so that you can stay connected.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a publishing system which allows news readers to aggregate information from many different websites into one place. It allows you to stay connected to new content from your favorite news sites and blogs without checking each site individually.

You can start using RSS feeds using web services such as Google Reader or Yahoo. You can also use feed reader applications on your computer such as Apple Mail, Firefox or Zimbra. There are also applications available for your phone.

As new events are posted, they will appear in our RSS feed. When your newsreader automatically checks our RSS feed the events will appear to you.

Events are also published in iCal format. Similar to RSS, iCal syndicates calendar data so that applications such as Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal can receive updates automatically.

Contact Us

Event listings are created and updated by their event organizer. If you are producing an event for our community which you believe should be included in this list, please contact us by emailing megan.fox@uci.edu.